What is this toolkit meant to do?

Project Here is designed to help you help your students make healthy choices. While research shows that the majority of middle school students have not used substances, we know that early substance misuse is associated with a greater likelihood of developing a substance use disorder later in life. We also know that the middle school years are a critical transition period for young people and an ideal time to invest in prevention education. 

Project Here is working to empower young people with the skills and information they need to be leaders in their schools and communities.    

Who is Project Here for?

Project Here is designed for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. It is based on the foundational principle that students can, and will, make healthy choices if given the right tools – and Project Here is a way to help them do that. 

The toolkit provides a central place for educators to access research-based awareness and prevention resources, which are aligned with National Education Standards. The online toolkit will be updated regularly with new materials for educators and students.

My school already has an evidence-based curriculum for substance use prevention. Can we still use Project Here?

Yes. All schools can register for Project Here for access to the toolkit and digital app and to apply for the grant program.

The Project Here toolkit is meant to complement any prevention curricula already underway in schools. Schools with existing prevention curricula can use the educational toolkit as a supplemental resource. In addition to the educational toolkit, Project Here will provide an app to reach middle school students where they are: on their phones, tablets, and computers. More information about the digital app and launch date will be coming soon.

In addition, Project Here will provide schools with an opportunity to apply for an evidence-based curriculum through a grant program. Schools that already have an evidence-based curriculum in place can apply for this grant to fund the cost of their existing curriculum or fund the cost of a supplemental evidence-based curriculum. For more information about the grant program and to apply, please visit the Grant page of this website.

Who can register?

Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, and Directors of Health and/or Wellness Departments are encouraged to register. If those titles do not describe your role, we recommend reaching out to your school or district administration to have a conversation about bringing Project Here to your community. 

Click here to register for Project Here. 

What will we receive as a part of this program? 

All Massachusetts public middle schools that register will receive: 

1. A “toolkit” that contains informational and educational resources to be used throughout the school and in the classroom;

2. Access to an online “toolkit” with additional recommended classroom resources, including specific lesson plans and activities;

3. Additional support and resources through The Herren Project’s trained network of social workers; and 

4. Access to an interactive digital app that will give schools an additional innovative tool to teach their students.

5. Eligibility to apply for the grant-based program.

All of these resources are provided at no cost to schools or students.

I signed up! When can I expect to receive these materials?

You should receive the toolkit within one week of registration.

Our digital app will be available in the coming months, and we will contact you when the app is available for download.

If you are interested in the grant-based program for evidence-based curriculum, please visit the Grant page of this website for more information about the Request for Proposals and to apply. 

If you have additional questions, please contact us.