Project Here Substance Use Prevention Curriculum Grant Opportunity


The Project Here Substance Use Prevention Curriculum Grant will provide selected middle schools funding to implement one of three evidence-based prevention curricula: Botvin LifeSkills Training, Michigan Model for Health, or Positive Action. These three curricula were selected to provide schools with the flexibility to choose from universal prevention curricula that have proven to positively impact students’ behavior, while considering their local, school, and community needs. Schools that already have an evidence-based prevention curriculum in place may apply for an evidence-based program of their choice to supplement their existing curriculum.


The Grant Application is closed. Final award decisions will be made before the end of August 2018.


Grant Application Submission Instructions

  1. Click here to view a PDF of the Grant Opportunity Request for Proposal (RFP).
  2. Click here to view a PDF copy of the Online Grant Application. (Note: this PDF can be used as a guide for drafting your responses as the Online Grant Application must be completed in its entirety in one sitting. Your inputs will be saved once you hit the SUBMIT button.  If you exit the system before completing the application, your inputs will not be saved.)
  3. To apply, please complete the online application below for the Project Here Substance Use Prevention Curriculum Grant.

Project Here Grant FAQs (*updated 5/25/18)

    Q. I did not see a funding range in the RFP. What is the maximum amount of funding we can apply for?

    In the budget portion of the application, Table 1 and Table 2 in Appendix B outline the cost of materials and teacher training for each curriculum. Applicants should use these tables to calculate the amount of funding needed to implement their chosen curriculum. Because costs will depend on the size and scope of the program proposed (ex: number of students impacted, number of teachers trained, number of schools in district), we did not set a maximum amount of funding that schools can apply for.


    Q. Can I use the grant to implement LifeSkills at the High School Level?

    No. This grant program is for curriculum implementation at the middle school level (grades 6 – 8).


    Q. I am currently doing a one year pilot with Botvin LifeSkills Curriculum, can I apply for the grant to implement another supplemental curriculum such as Michigan Model or Positive Action?

    Yes. Because you are already implementing an evidence-based curriculum, you have two options for this grant program. You can apply for funding to:

    1. Continue implementation of LifeSkills training (i.e. continue to implement in the upcoming school years; implement LifeSkills in additional grade levels; and/or, implement in other schools in your district); or,
    2. Add a supplemental curriculum such as Michigan Model or Positive Action (or another evidence-based substance use prevention program of your choice). 


    Q. I am interested in implementing the Positive Action curriculum, but it seems there are a lot of lessons in each curriculum set. To ensure fidelity, how many lessons do I need to implement?

    The lessons are only 10-15 minutes in length, so multiple lessons can be taught in one class period. Our first recommendation is that you teach all of the lessons. However, if you cannot teach all of the lessons, we recommend you implement at least the following:

    • Grade 6: 48 lessons + Secondary Drug Education Kit: 10 lessons
    • Grade 7: 31 lessons + Secondary Drug Education Kit: 10 lessons
    • Grade 8: 31 lessons + Secondary Drug Education Kit: 10 lessons

    For more information and to see specific examples of activities from Positive Action middle school kits, please click here.